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 Lorraine Tester
Dog Trainer & Behaviour  Consultant

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 Whether you're looking for help to teach your dog basic obedience or to address challenging behaviors, or simply strengthen the bond between you and your dog, you've come to the right place. My approach is all about positive reinforcement, helping you and you dog to live in harmony

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Level 5 Behaviour Consultations. IMDTB

Level 4 Canine Training & Behaviour 

Consultations IMDTB

Completed Aggression in Dogs Masterclass.

Canine cognitive disfunction IMDT

Dog to Human Aggression IMDT

Dog to Dog Aggression IMDT

Canine Body Language IMDT

Canine Adolescent IMDT

Dog Trainer IMDT

Puppy Trainer IMDT

Canine first aid

Canine Nutrition


Please contact me to arrange a free telephone consultation so I can answer any questions or discuss issues you need help with


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