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I'm Lorraine a dedicated and passionate dog trainer and behaviour consultant. I have a deep love for dogs and a commitment to their wellbeing. I specialise in transforming even the most challenging canine behaviours.

 Through positive reinforcement, patience and a profound understanding of dog psychology I have helped many dogs and owners achieve harmony and happiness in their relationship. Whether it's basic training or addressing complex behavioural issues I'm committed to helping you and your dog achieve a strong long lasting relationship

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My Story

I've always loved dogs from getting my first dog at the age of 3. Dogs have always been a big part of my life. I've been involved with rescue dogs in Turkey and Romania and the UK and realising they needed more help than the average pet dog I decided to study  canine psychology and behaviour, canine anxiety ,the effects of stress on learning and behaviour of dogs and  become a behaviour consultant.  I'm dedicated to helping dogs and owners have a strong loving relationship with their own dogs just as I have with mine.


Please contact me more information on how I can help you.


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